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Seeing what children see: a democratic curriculum

While children engage in self-initiated play, we may not always recognize the learning possibilities unfolding or understand how to facilitate play for deeper learning to occur. When educators work with curious and questioning minds and see themselves not only as disciplinarians or mere transmitters of information but more as early childhood researchers learning alongside the […]

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Place-Making: creating places where amazing experiences happen

Environments condition how we feel, think, and behave; and dramatically affect the quality of our lives. The environment either works for us or against us as we go about our daily lives. Visual environments that are dull and sterile, random and chaotic, or that contain busy murals and visual images that appeal to adults have […]

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Democracy at Heart

This workshop introduces participants to a contemporary, no-blame approach to behaviour development and management, which is about developing children and managing behaviour with respect, compassion, love and fairness. Participants will understand the importance of adopting a democratic intervention style to guide children’s behaviour. They will learn to distinguish this style from the more traditional authoritative […]

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