True North Values

Dimensions :
Hauteur : 13 cm
Largeur : 19 cm

This DVD will be an important asset to any early childhood educational service. No other profession provides the same capacity to positively influence and shape the developing young child. As early childhood educators we are contributing to leaving crucial footprints in the everyday world. Administrators, educators, and home childcare providers will use these valuable lessons as a motivating force to implement the various concepts that are shared throughout this eye opening DVD with Martin Liberio.

No other facilitator can offer a more dynamic and unique presentation, leading committed educators through the process of becoming a transformative teacher.

Martin Liberio has an outstanding ability to transfer the importance of the educator’s role in building relationships with their children that involve constructive interactions, encouragement, trust and mutual respect.

It is the professional trade of the educator to evoke curiosity and intrigue within the children in their care.

This DVD will definitely not disappoint and sure to become an integral part of any educational resource library!

Liste des prix:

DVD-003 True North Values 35 $
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