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Fascinating, Powerful, Revolutionary, Sensational

An early childhood environment is many things: It’s a safe place for children, it is where important activities of the day take place and it is a place to create, imagine and enjoy. An early childhood environment is a place that children can call their own.

A basic human need is the need to belong; children need to feel they belong, too. They need to be close to people they know, have familiar and comfortable objects, and be in a setting that has a personal history for them.

PlaceMaking creates environments for young children that stimulate learning and provide multiple sources of stimulation to encourage physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skill development.

Martin captures what children seek out; scenery, textures, colors, softness and accessibility. Our children spend more waking time in our early childhood programs and need to feel like they are in their own “home away from home“.

This DVD will aid you in implementing aesthetics and design as well as various important principles. Color and decorative elements are used to support functionality in various areas in a playroom environment which also helps to captivate various moods and feelings.

A well implemented early childhood environment meets the child’s basic needs and supports and encourages children to engage in activities that implement the program’s curriculum. Furthermore, an environment that is well designed enables staff to facilitate optimum learning for the children. PlaceMaking encourages parents and children to feel welcomed, involved, and empowered.

Early childhood professionals will feel motivated to begin a new journey and Martin will be there to guide you through the basic process.

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DVD-001 Placemaking 55 $
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