Navigating Young Minds

Dimensions :
Height: 13 cm
Width: 19 cm

This DVD is a motivational tool and insightful resource for all early childhood professionals. It is intended to aid administrators, early childhood educators, and home childcare providers to implement democratic educational values into their curriculum practice. The field of early childhood education is a journey and as professionals we need to continuously question our educational practices towards young children. The traditional role for educators as curriculum planners was to plan the experiences they wished to offer, using themes to generate most activities. This prophetic type curriculum was often met with resistance from spontaneous young learners. The GPS (Genuine Pedagogical System) introduced in this DVD demonstrates a pedagogical approach whereby itineraries are calculated according to children’s POI’s (point of interests). Educators will feel encouraged and motivated to apply these diverse principles into everyday practice. This DVD will offer insight towards the road to success, implementing respectful values, appropriate interventions and inspiring change!

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DVD-004 Navigating Young Minds 35 $
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